Precision Injection Molding

Precision injection molding has been a core capability since Nypro was founded in 1955. Nypro was one of the first molders of medical products resulting from a corporate commitment and bold decisions regarding the use of world class molding equipment, robotic part handling, clean room molding and introduction of Good Manufacturing Practices. For decades, Nypro has passed the most rigid audits from global medical and technology companies. Nypro facilities are benchmarked by the world's best custom and captive molding companies.

Nypro's world class capability is maintained through a commitment to training. Nypro University is a certified learning center for RJG's Master Molder Certification programs - the industry "Gold Standard." Nypro has hundreds of certified Master Molders around the world.

Nypro is also well known for its commitment to process validation. All design and development teams are trained in validation. Successful molding by Nypro is assured by building systems that are designed for manufacturability and Six Sigma statistical control.

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